Pre-Contest Update #2

Here we are just a little under 6 weeks out from my show. One thing that is consistent in my life is having to deal with a lot of unexpected issues while dieting and training. It doesn't make it easier but this year I have managed to pull it together better than the last 2 years when things where not as stable in my life. My meals are prepared way ahead of time, and I make sure I follow everything the way it was outlined for me.  Not sure if I mentioned it in my last blog but the last time I felt this drive and motivation to get on stage was back in 2005. Sure I competed plenty of times in between 05 and last year but I wasn't taking it as serious as I should. I would honestly clean up my diet between 8-6 weeks out!

9 weeks out

In previous years, including 2005, cheat meals were pretty much a part of my norm. Not this year! Fakhri doesn't quite believe in cheat meals and when he does agree to one you gotta believe your hard work made it worthy for him to even agree to one! My cheat meals in the past consisted of burger and fries (lots of them) and  this year I get to have sushi. That's right, no more burgers and fries for me so believe me, when I am done with this, I am going straight for a burger and fries. Oh, and chocolate (I stocked up on some Easter sale goodies). In any case, I do feel healthy and my body has adjusted very nicely to the changes. I have also gained a whole new appreciation for sushi that I never had before and I am happy to say that I will include this as part of my dinner outings more often now.
8 weeks out
On this diet, I rarely feel hungry. My fatigue comes most often than not from the intense cardio sessions.The thought of doing the treadmill at a high incline doesn't seem so hard, the task of keeping my heart rate can be a tedious one. depending on whether I'm doing cardio first thing in the morning on a fasted stomach or after training. Clearly doing it first thing in the morning will take a hell of a lot more work for me to get that heart rate up than doing it after I train when my heart rate is already through the roof.
7.5 weeks out
I have also been keeping track of my weight which I never did in the past. I started out at about 125lbs and at my last weight check-in I was down to 109lbs. I am still holding on to a lot of muscle, feel good, and hopefully I will look good by the time I hit the stage. Fakhri decided not to make any drastic changes for now in order to not end up looking like a stick figure under 100lbs on stage!
6.5 weeks out
Oh and I have to tell you something exciting - I tried on my competition suit from last year, which admittedly didn't quite fit the day of the show. LOL. I couldn't get my ass on that thing to save my life. But I tried it on recently and I couldn't be any more excited that it slipped right pass my hips and sat on my booty with no struggle!
It will be exciting to see what changes my body will make these last few weeks and how I will end up looking on stage.
Keep an eye out for a couple of interviews and a training video in the works.As always thank you for your support and for reading my blog!

Look I can fit into my suit already!

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