My Sources of Inspiration.

One of the backbones in
my life
As I sit in a room, all alone, after ending a 2 year relationship, a divorce prior to that, and the ups and downs of motherhood, I sometimes find it difficult to concentrate and find inspiration.
I've had several projects that I have started, and then all the above would consume large amounts of brain power and energy and I would just completely shut down. I would become disinterested, uninspired and out right lazy and careless about meeting my goals. 
Stephanie, Jamal and me.
Love my babies
Since my divorce and after less than desirable living conditions these past two years it has been difficult to meet the list of goals I had set for myself. Some of these were applying for a PhD program at NYU, moving to NY to be closer to my family and the man I thought I'd be spending the rest of my life with, launching my tee-shirt and consequently, clothing line, and expanding my coaching business. I wanted to accomplish all of this while still being able to get myself in shape to compete.
Although some of those things have happened or at least begun happening, truth is that when challenging times arise, it's difficult to find inspiration to move forward.
My family inspires me!
Yes, my children are first and foremost the source of my inspiration. When I think of their future, their lives and their well-being, I take every single breathe with them in mind. It's not hard for me to put anything and everything aside to attend to them. They always have and will come first.
But as woman who is becoming more and more business-minded and oriented and as I and my children get older, I've had to find other sources of inspiration. And they do exist in my life!
Aside my children, here are my top 3 sources of inspiration. You might find one of them a little shocking and funny. Or you might think I'm overreaching or being too...much of a diva. LOL.
So here is my inspiration:
1. Being surrounded, encouraged, empowered, and uplifted by positive people who have drive, want to enjoy life and living, who love unconditionally and want to accomplish their dreams. This includes FAMILY MEMBERS. There's a reason why people say that in order to BE the best you have to SURROUND yourself with the best. I have learned that negative people and those who exude the opposite of the qualities I mentioned above will do absolutely nothing for your life or your progress. In addition there are the selfish ones who only have their best interest in mind and could care less about your feelings, input or what you can bring to the table. I try to always gravitate to positive energy and positive people. There's just a certain kind of energy in the air when you are around good people. They inspire me to do and be better!
Learning about Wanda's life experience (left)
my very positive and encouraging
coach Fakhri are
sources of inspiration!
2. Women who look up to me or find me as a source of their inspiration.
There are no words that could express the feeling when YOU have been the SOURCE of inspiration to another woman. Yes, specifically another woman. There are just certain experiences that bind women together, one of them being motherhood of course. When someone approaches me and tells me they want to be like me or look like me, or have the drive and discipline that I do, it inspires me to continue the work I do. It also humbles me because these are women who only know a very small portion of my life yet the connection happens as if I've known them forever. It also helps me open my eyes to hear their stories and their experiences. I always believe in being loving and compassionate to every single person that crosses your path. You just never know the kind of life they've had or the experiences they've lived. Women inspire me!
And here it is...the one you wouldn't belive
Old and new friends inspire me!
3. Real Housewives of Atlanta. LOL. Yes I said it. I am not ashamed. Okay, maybe a little. Yes, these women are superficial and their lives are surreal and unattainable to most common folks. However, it is a fabulous life, at least to me it is! They have thrown cocktail parties, launched clothing lines, purchased property, and they've all gotten there doing what they needed to do. Some of those things have been by very unconventional methods but I'm sure you've all read the quote that reminds us that "Well behaved women rarely make history".
I watch the show from a different lens and pay attention to the events they put together, the ideas they throw around, where they live, HOW they live, what they wear, who they know, who they surround themselves with,etc. And most importantly, they are BLACK WOMEN (minus Kim but I think she's a black woman trapped in a white woman's body lol). Despite the drama and all that other crap (which is also part of ALL the other housewives series), it is not often we see strong, educated, fabulous, wealthy and self sufficient black women on TV shows or movies. My favorite is Phaedra, a successful attorney with a fine ass husband, starting on her own business, and a super fabulous life! It is a show, and I'm sure a lot of the scenes are planned, but there is a certain reality to the lifestyle that motivates me, gives me ideas and inspires me. Go ahead and judge me. I like fabulous! It inspires me!

Yes, these fabulous women inspire me too!
Can I have their outfits too?
 Tell me what inspires YOU?!

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  1. You go girl! I said it to you , I say to everyone: you are a smart and extremely strong woman! Being part of your family and seeing the other side ( The 3 AM, cranky stuff...)I have a different point of view, and even with that I think you are an inspiration to a lot of people! And we all have the 3 AM cranky stuff- even the Housewives!!!