Pre-Contest Updates #3

Representin' Team NXT to the fullest!
Well here I am at about the 3 weeks out mark. This diet has been something out of this world. It's been very rare for me to not feel like eating my own hands, with a little hot sauce of course, from the starvation mode I always seem to hit. Despite the very intense cardio sessions, my hunger only crawls up on me right after I train, which is not surprising at all. Other than that, I am not starving and I've been feeling pretty damn good!
However, I am not gonna lie and tell you that these last few weeks will be walk in the park. Rest is extremely important to me at this point in time. When I don't get enough rest I begin walking very slow, a sign for me that my body is under a lot of stress. I love that I know my body well enough to know when I can push it a little harder, or when I need to send Fakhri a little note letting him know how my body feels in order to make the appropriate changes. He's been really great about taking into considering my own experience doing this for so long and I think we trust each other with the process.
Last week I looked how I did the day I stepped on stage previous 2 years. I'm hoping to be in better condition without looking too small on stage. I'm a petite person and if I'm not careful I can damn near disappear with dieting and cardio.
4 weeks out
Last year's Mets and the
orange hair. Ugh!

Since I'm feeling so good, the little intricate details that I was always rushed on or never got around to taking care of in the past couple of years are being properly attended to. I have a running list of the little items I need to get myself in the next few weeks to make sure I'm covered. Some of the items on that list are things like a robe to wear at the show to be incognito (lol), jewelry, hotel accommodations, etc. I am also putting in my entry form when I visit Bev's Powerhouse Gym this coming week. No turning back after that!
I'm opting to do my own tanning using a combination of ProTan and a little Jan Tana if needed. I've found that spray tanning just doesn't work on my skin at all. It's extremely drying and it cracks. I know some people swear by it, and I truly wish it would work for my skin because I love the results others get from it.
See, I was even smiling all day!
Last year's Mets
Lucky for me, I am a makeup artist and can do my own makeup.I'm going for a simple look, not too smokey this year. I have noticed in my photos that the dark shadows tend to make me look tired. I will be brighter and happier! Along all the preparations I have also dedicated time to my posing. Yup, I throw on my suit and my heels and pose away for at least 30 to 45 minutes. I do both model walk and lineup posing. I am determined to get it right this year!
Oh and did I tell you guys that I dyed my hair dark? I am so happy with it and I think it will look better under those intense stage lights. My hair always looks bright orange and I didn't like it.
I cannot stress enough how good I've been feeling! I have had energy to wake up super early to do makeup at shows and hang out pretty much all day!
 All in all I am keeping a bit of a low profile. I have some pretty exciting stuff happening and I will be sure to share with you all in due time. I want to thank Fakhri and his social media side-kick/guru Rick Montero for putting a whole lot of way overdue stuff in motion for me. Love you guys!
Tell me what you guys use for tanning for your shows? I'd like to know!
Until next blog!

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