Weight Loss Strategies At A Glance...

Someone recently asked me in to write about my weigh-loss strategies and what I do to get in contest shape.
Before I talk about intricate details of what I eat, how I train and how I shift things in order to get to where I need to, I have to talk about one of my favorite tools to reach my goals - I use is visualization. It's perhaps the single most important factor that comes into play when I'm preparing for a contest or whenever I want to reach any goal in life. Visualization is a very powerful tool, and it's a learned skill, one that once you master it, you will definitely reap the benefits of it.
I can visualize while awake, or sitting quietly, I can even do it as I walk or when driving. It requires my mind to be completely focused on where it is that I see myself doing and creating this unexplainable energy flow to make it happen. It's a little freaky because I am usually able to envision what I am going to look like the day of my show, the way I'd walk on stage, the way I'll smile, the lights...and it usually turns out to be just the way I envisioned it. For those who struggle in meeting any type of goal, especially with weigh loss, I highly urge you to try visualization.
Now on to some of the more tangible steps I take in order to meet my goals.
1. I write out my diet and training. Having things on paper makes it easy for me to follow my daily routine. I do this also for things I want to accomplish at the end of a day or end of the week. There's something about writing things down that, as the pen flows on a piece of paper, helps the words tattoo themselves into my brain.
2. Food! - When I'm not in contest mode I buy whatever tickles my soul - brownie mix to make brownies for my kids, cereal, cake mix, chocolate galore, chex mix (ummm), etc. But once I'm determined to lose the weight and get ready for a competition, I fill my pantry and cabinets with my food essentials - chicken, tuna, greens, steak, fish, sweet potatoes, etc. When I get a craving or when one of my children are in a mood for something sweet I opt for going out. When my will-power and my hunger for winning is high and strong, I am usually able to bake a fresh batch of brownies without touching them.
3. I choose a good fat burner. I use it more for energy than fat burning effects, although the latter is also needed and a plus. It helps my workouts be more intense and effective.
4. I put my workouts and cardio pretty high up on the list, as well as getting all my necessary meals in as planned. If I had to choose between hanging out or going to the gym to get my cardio in and I'm in the middle of a goal, chances are you'll find me on the treadmill or arc trainer.
5. Surround yourself with people who will support your goal rather than hinder your progress.
I hope this was helpful. I am now in the process of yet meeting another goal and will be posting progress pictures next week. In the meantime, please let me know what strategies you use when you are trying to lose weight or when you are trying to meet any other goal. Oh and don't forget to follow me on Twitter!


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