Letting Myself Go...NOT!

Hey you! Yes, you! Have you let yourself go? Well if the answer is yes, then you can relate to my little story. If you say no...then I'm going to have a hard time believing you.
Just as I was entering another “weeks out” extravaganza leading me into another competition, the inevitable happened – LIFE!
I had just come off from doing well at the Mets, a 3rd place finish in the open following by 2nd place in the Master’s division, so I felt I had momentum going. I certainly didn’t want to lose it. I tried to stay on track…but then things began to happen and then fall apart. It was like watching a rainbow fade. Dramatic, I know.I was on a roll – my cardio was on point and I had managed to get in up to 1 hour and 45 minutes. My training was intense. Then, as LIFE started to take its course, the cardio sessions became shorter and shorter. I felt like I was on top of the world when I was doing my 1 hour cardio sessions….like a true heroine, but that last 30 minutes, then the hour, then all of it became tedious. Then the cheating my diet followed. A french fry here, an extra serving of that rice I wasn’t supposed to have there, and then there was the ice cream. Summer time and ice cream are a recipe for my well disciplined ass to turn into a rebel. I just can’t turn ice cream down in the summer time. So obviously I went a little OTT with it.
LIFE then decided to attack my emotional well-being. I started to feel aches and pains. My sleeping pattern was off and I was obviously dealing with a lot of other personal stresses. If you asked me I’d say I might had been hit with a little depression. I hate when my body goes into a depressive coma. It just takes me completely out of my element and out of being who I truly am and I feel like even doing little things becomes such a strenuous task.
The weeks leading up to the 4th of July were kind of bad. I could barely even bring myself to go to the gym. I tried to at least do some cardio but with a diet and inconsistent training like what I had, what progress could I really expect to make? What was the point?
There was one day during that week where I spent most of it moping on the couch, just sad…very sad. I didn’t even have the energy to move or speak. Pitiful. Not even chocolate could have saved me that day (okay, I lie…maybe some chocolate did help).
I just completely let myself go. How could I? Why? I needed to regroup ASAP!
The first step I took was recognize the eating patterns and the behavior that led me to completely forgo my diet and training. I then acknowledged it and moving forward I figured it’d be best to look at it as a little time off and a break. And then I had a brilliant idea. But you know me…I think all my ideas are brilliant. I decided to document those couple of weeks up until tomorrow...maybe... to prove a point.
I wanted to show you guys, especially the women that read my blog, how diet and training, and stress, can all contribute to how you look. I also wanted to show you guys how dedication, discipline and the right mind set can help you achieve your goals. So below you can see pictures of me prior to me stopping my diet and probably when i stopped caring a little...but I still hadn't let myself go completely. Then the picture to follow is me the week after i just let myself go for sure. I hate that I'm posting it...but whatever.
You can see I’m bloated, holding water, and I personally felt like shit. I ate a lot of ice cream, chocolate, nuts, burgers, fries, dairy…all the things I typically don’t have on a daily basis when I’m dieting. I’m not saying these things are not good…of course they taste damn good, but clearly they are not good for you especially if you are trying to achieve a certain goal of getting on stage! It's like a cheat meal turning into a cheat week! LOL.
I took a couple of pictures today, Thursday, and I will add them to the blog post later. Wait till you guys see the difference...I can see it...and feel it, and I hope you guys can too!
This goes to show you that a woman’s body can change like New England weather! Our hormones alone can dictate so much, and let's not even talk about how those hormones can even affect your mental and emotional health (HELLO PMS!).
It certainly feels good to be back on track and to be eating a healthier diet. I will save the ice cream indulgence for my weekly cheat meal. I prefer it that way.If you guys want to know how I did it, write a comment and ask questions. I don't mind sharing...cuz sharing is caring, right? LOL.

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