Quick update!

I know I'm due to update my website and I have tons of pics to share, from my last competition up to a few from a couple of shows I've attended. I've been so busy dieting, training, and working my regular job...not to mention spending time with my kids and loved one. In the midst of all that I am managing to be the founder of a non-profit organization that I've been thinking about for over 5 years now! I finally felt it was time! Sometimes you just surround yourself with the right people who drive you to be your best. I knew I was at that point when I met someone who saw so much potential in me that I just had to move forward with all that I wanted to do in life. Not only that, but I wanted to leave some sort of legacy behind...something that signified the work, the struggles, the emotional and mental suffering that I had to overcome over the years. But the legacy is not about the bad stuff, but that of a survivor...and the acknowledgment that I'm one of many women with similar stories to share. My organization is about creating a positive and fostering environment for women of all races, shapes and sizes...women who feel like they have to give their all to everyone else and forget themselves...like I once did.
Anyway, I digress. Keep an eye out via my blog or facebook fan page for updates (http://www.facebook.com/pages/SweetCapri/113549845341582). Thanks to all of you who continue to support me with your love. It means a lot to me!

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