April Favorites

As the month of April approaches, it is quite typical for youtubers and other bloggers (at least in the makeup world) to post about their favorite products. I wondered if anyone in the fitness industry did the same. Perhaps we are too boring with our monotonous daily routines that call the same ol' chicken and protein shake with the oh so exciting weekly twist that we like to call a "cheat meal". But, thankfully, I exist to defy this rule and post some new and exciting items that could be useful to those of you who are fitness and bodybuilding enthusiast. Well, they are exciting for me and I can't be selfish and keep the goods all to myself.
In no particular order...I present to you my most loved and enjoyable things for the month of April.

Emerald Deluxe Mixed Nuts - Jeff and I were strolling through the supermarket aisle and as usual, I was craving mixed nuts. My body craves these types of essential fats in my diet...quite frequently actually. I came across Emerald Deluxe Mixed Nuts and I was in love. Not only where these on sale, but the word DELUXE along with the pretty pictures in the pretty packaging jumped at me immediately. Yes, I'm your marketing team dream come true as I'm a sucker for pretty presentation of just about anything. If it looks pretty, most likely I'll go uhhh-ahhh and buy it. So anyway, these are actually the freshest and best nuts I've ever tasted (GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER...nasty people!). I also didn't know these are actually quite popular in the fitness industry. I saw a few girls backstage at my last show with the pretty green containers!
Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Fast & Natural Rice - the texture is not grainy but actually very very soft and rich. I could eat an entire box of this alone!
Steak - Can you believe that I hadn't had a piece of steak in over ten years? It's been so long that even the 10 years is probably not an accurate count. How come now STEAK made it to my favorites of the month list? Blame Jeff. He eats steak like there is no tomorrow. He makes his steak pretty raw...which to me was a huge no-no. But one of usual "I'm starving" days when I was at his house, there he was, joyously eating some steak. He looked so happy. I wanted to be happy to. Plus I was starving. So he let me have a small piece of steak, along with some rice, and I've been hooked ever since. I find it funny to even watch myself eating steak. It truly is very amusing to those around me also. Although I am in awe at how long I've gone without it, I'm not sure if this steak-red-meat-eating me will last much longer. You guys will have to check with me next month.
Crystal Light Iced Tea - PEACH! - I just don't understand what is happening to me? Early mid-life crisis perhaps? I used to HATE the peach flavored iced tea. But now, this is heaven in a little packet. Try it out, I promise you'd love it.
Aside food, there is something else that has become a favorite! Are you ready for it? IT'S CARDIO!!! I am now doing low to moderate intensity cardio for longer periods of time and I feel great! In the past I've stuck to high intensity interval training, which made me feel crappy, lethargic, and hungry most of the time. It was very difficult getting along with my day like this. But, doing cardio like this, I can go on forever. Just yesterday alone, despite a very long and emotionally draining day, I managed to get in an entire 75 minutes of cardio easily! I did break into a sweat but I wasn't dying.
So that's all I have for now. I am eager to see how things change this month and what things I will introduce into my life that will become favorites. In the meantime, please comment or share your favorites!

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