What's in my competition day bag?

Some of you who follow my facebook updates may have noticed the teeth/stomach aching posts with photo of my "goodie bag". This is my special bag filled with nothing but sweets and items that I love but can't have during my contest prep. Even though that's the first thing I make sure I pack, it is certainly not the only thing that I have to make sure I add to my bags for show time.
I'm huge on learning from mistakes and making sure I work with the knowledge I gained from them. Last year while I was getting ready to compete at the Atlantic States I made several boo-boos - one being leaving way too late the evening before the show, and waking up extremely tired and in a horrible mood.
This year I plan on leaving way earlier so this means I have to be extremely thorough with my needs for the next few days leading to stage time.
I hope this post gives those of you who are competing soon some ideas...and if you think there's something I need, feel free to comment and let me and my readers know!
So here are some things I bring with me:
  • Competition Suit- aside bringing my own, I also bring an extra one or two. You just never know who might be in need of one or what might happen. Helping others backstage, despite the competitive mentality, is always in my mind
  • Shoes - don't we all love those clear 6" heels? I also bring an extra pair or 2
  • Bottle of Pro Tan- for touch-ups in case it's needed
  • Bikini Bite- always always have this handy. The last thing you need is to have your ass or boob pop out of your suit and pull a Janet Jackson on everyone
  • Suit Fixer Uppers - I keep a kit with various size crystals, glue, safety pins, etc.
  • Resistance Bands - very helpful to warm up backstage. It also helps the nerves!
  • Jewelry - earrings, bracelets, and all your stage bling
  • Make up - most of us do our makeup or have it done prior to the show but please be sure to have the appropriate items for touch-ups. Also, DO NOT FORGET your false lashes. These are very very important to open up your eyes since the stage lighting is so harsh and bright.
  • Wipes - I always bring baby wipes with me because they are such a multi-purpose item (makeup removal, to clean up suit, when toilet paper runs out...lol)
  • Appropriate clothing - ladies, why oh why do you insist on trying to wear a cute outfit backstage to only have it ruined with pro tan? Bring loose fitting clothes, preferably black, and slippers!
  • Toiletries - bring your deodorant, toothpaste, razors (you never know when your hair might decide to make an appearance) and other toiletries just in case. Remember, most of us take our last shower the day prior to the show so by the time this is all over, we don't smell so nice and pretty.
  • Hair accessories and tools
  • Full length mirror
  • Tampons/Sanitary pads - Mother Nature has its way of showing up when uninvited
  • Snacks/Food
  • Ipod - helps you relax backstage!
*** Hair tip - get your hair done a few days prior to the show, especially if you are going to be coloring and adding highlights. You do not want to end up with something you will hate and then it being too late to get it fixed. You want to give yourself plenty of time to play around with styles and stuff. Also, I've learned that hair that is not crispy clean, that has been sitting around for a few days in its natural oils, styles and holds better!
*** Skincare tips - treat this as you would your wedding day or that one other special event. You do not want to mess around and get a facial or start a new skincare regime the week leading up to the show. It might turn into a disaster!

So what's in your competition bag? Did I miss anything?

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