Always some $h!+

Imagine training hard for a competition, for about 16 weeks. That's 4 months folks. Yes, 4 months of diligent training and cardio, disciplined eating, anticipated "cheat meals", and the wonderful anti-social life one becomes rather accustomed to.
This is my life about 2 times a year. I choose my competitions very carefully because I like to also give myself room to live a little. Training for these things is obviously very restricting.
But you know what...some shit always happens to me. Always. It's like the Gods (or Goddesses) put me through a test or something. Every time I'm close to a competition, a new challenge in my life appears. It usually involves finances.
This year, the car broke down. I took it for an oil change at a location that shall remain nameless until I decide what I want to do with them, and 5 minutes after I drove off, my car was smoking everywhere. It also wouldn't accelerate. The car is still all messed up and I am now forced to keep a rental car. The money that's supposed to go toward the very last details of my competition (hair, nails, tanning, food, travel, entry fees, etc.) are all being eaten up by the damn rental.
Why oh why is this happening to me?!!! I am so close to just saying f**k it and not doing the show on April 3rd. I am just so overwhelmed by the stress factor.
What do you guys think? Should I just find a way around this? Or just wait till next time?
By the way, I'm looking FIERCE! Pics coming soon!

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