Chicken & Sweet Potatoes

My diet has changed drastically I'd say. Comparing from my first years as a competitor to now, I'd become accustomed to cooking! I used to rely on protein shakes, meal replacements and such to get my nutritional needs while dieting. Right now, I'm enjoying foods like it's my birthday!
My absolute favorite meal right now has got to me my baked chicken breasts, sweet potatoes and lettuce. I be tearing it up.
Since I'm not yet at the point that I have cut out my sodium intake, the way I make my chicken makes me look forward to another meal. Had I not been able to season my chicken, this post would not exist. LOL.
So here's what I do with my chicken. I like to buy the boneless chicken strips by the way. I am lazy and hate cutting meat. I don't know...just grosses me out.
I place my chicken in a container and sprinkle it with Meat Tenderizer. I season enough to last me a couple of days.
Once I'm ready to cook it, I add some McCormick's Lemon & Pepper seasoning (salt free). This gives my chicken such good flavor!
The baking itself doesn't take long...less than 30 minutes for about 8 - 10 strips.
While the chicken is baking, I take a sweet potato, run it under water, and then throw it in the microwave anywhere between 4 - 7 minutes, depending on the size.
When it's all ready, I smash it, add a sprinkle of salt, get my chicken, and enjoy!
Oh, I cut up some Iceberg lettuce, add vinegar and throw in the mix.
For someone who's dieting and hasn't tasted "real" food in a while, this is like the one thing I look forward to on a daily basis. I eat this about 3 times a day and I have not grown tired of it!
If you are starting out on a diet or simply want to lose some weight, I highly suggest this! I promise you will love it!

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