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I just got an INTERVENTION! It wasn't much after I sent out my website updates - www.sweetcapri.com/updates.htm, and some photos to my trainer that I got an email from him. I freak out when I get emails from Garrett that are rather lengthy and detailed. This was one of those. That means he notices something is not on track. But I'm thinking...I'm doing all this damn cardio so I KNOW I'm lean ...what could be wrong? How about TOO much cardio? Yup, I have been doing so much cardio, that I am burning way too much muscle and I am starting to look skimpy and not as tight. Uggh. I keep hearing about the massive amounts of cardio other women do when they are training for a competition so I'm thinking I need to do the same. I never did that much in the past. I tried it last year, and it was ok, but I had to cut it down tremendously towards the last few weeks. I have a feeling the same is going to happen this year. Doing that much cardio does nothing for me, especially if my calories are very low.
I was told by my friend Stephanie Villers, who looked at some of my photos on facebook, that I didn't look as muscular as I did in the past. She was right. I think I have burned way too much muscle and I'm praying this week I can slow it down a bit. I was doing so much that I'm actually embarrassed to disclose the amount. :(
Thankfully Garrett caught it on time...and has made some significant adjustments to my diet and training, including a rest day. Yup, a mandatory day OFF. I wasn't resting at all!
But I agree...doing that much cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the morning was killing me. I would leave the gym feeling weak and shitty, and starving! I was hungry all day long...which led me to crave crap that I wasn't supposed to eat...especially at night. When I trained for the 05 New England's, the year I won the overall title, I was actually pretty happy and cheerful all throughout my diet. I mean, yeah those low carb days came but they went real fast, meaning I wasn't a cranky mess all day long. I also did at the most, 45 min. of cardio if I recall. It seemed to work well for my body.
I will update you guys with some pics hopefully by the middle of the week and make note of any progress and/or changes in my body.
Questions and comments always welcomed!

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  1. This is what you should talk about when I interview you.