Diet and Training Update!

So for those of you who want to know how I'm feeling and how my diet is going, here it is!
Truth be told, last week I felt like complete a$$. And that, my friends, I have no lack of. LOL. It was really really hard to stick to my diet. The first few days after I learned about my father's passing, I could hardly get myself to eat. Imagine having hardly any food and doing a crapload of cardio? Not good. But then toward the end of the week I wanted to eat everything in sight! That was hard...but I'm glad it all passed. Now I'm hoping to make it to the end of this journey by making yet another appearance on stage and just look decent. Remember my friends, I always come in with the expectation to beat myself and bring my body to surpass whatever I had done in previous years. This year I have learned so much from the people I've had around, particularly my boy Jeff, who's been crucial to my understanding of foods, my diet. I am glad he's around! And I can't forget Garrett, who puts it all together for me in the end and who's around to answer my endless questions, especially when I start to panic. No matter how silly they are, I always get a response.
So right now I'm doing a LOT of cardio. I learned over the past couple of years that my body responds well to a lot of cardio. In the past, I would do 45 minutes at most along with a low calorie diet. That worked well, but I was also way more active and had more energy. I'm getting old man! Last year when I trained for the Atlantic States, I decided to crank up the cardio and see what would happen. I liked the results, so this year I'm sticking to finding a happy medium between the ginormous amounts of cardio from last year, and the lower amounts I'd done in the past, along with whatever caloric intake Garrett thinks I should follow. Oh, another thing I'm learning more about is fats in my diet, which I realized I was lacking.
My training has remained pretty much the same except I throw in calves every other day or so, and double cardio sessions on non-lifting days. I know my lower legs are genetically un-gifted, but I'll see what powers I can have over them.
Something else that has changed is the foods I'm consuming. I used to be all about shakes, and adding protein to my oats, etc. Don't get me wrong, that still is one of my favorite meals, however, now that I'm constantly on the move, I find myself that when I eat like that I get hungry faster. There are times that I'd have my oats with protein and within 15 minutes I'd be starving. So now I'm eating heartier and more filling meals such as sweet potatoes and chicken (yum). It's been working okay for me mainly because I'm not starving myself! LOL. I will be sure to keep you guys updated and post some progress pictures when I get a chance.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to post below. Also don't forget to check out my website - in the SPOTLIGHT section for an upcoming interview with competitor Ben Corjay!

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