The Courage to Move Forward

Hello guys! Have I been slacking or what? Well I have to tell you what's up and...I also have a little story for you about courage.
I have been doing very well a matter of fact, this is probably the best I've felt in a long time. Despite the usual home stuff, overwhelming schedule, and clearly not enough hours in the day to get things done, my spirits are at an all time high. This wasn't the case last year, or the year before that. I felt like my life had come to a complete stop. I was never an under-achiever but I had become complacent with the current standings of my life and lifestyle. I couldn't figure out a way to move forward and  I was stuck in an every day routine that involved regret, resentment, arguing, distance from friends and family...basically the complete opposite of how I usually am. I can sit here and point the fingers and blame my divorce or the relationship I was in, but at the end of the day, I am responsible for my actions and the happenings (or lack thereof) in my life. Even though my fears had taken over my mind, I was very aware that me I wasn't in a good place. I had known this for a while, yet I cowardly stood still and let time go by while I wasted away the bit of skills and intelligence I knew I had in me. I let my fears control my decisions. I was afraid of letting go of my idea of love. I feared that after all I had been through in order to maintain a successful relationship, it was for nothing and it turned out to be a failure.
My experiences over the years taught me to survive in the most trifle of conditions - such that I am ashamed to discuss with you guys but in due time, I will share. However, those conditions were perhaps the most important life lessons I've ever learned about my own strengths and ability to get through the toughest of situations, including love!
Fakhri, myself, and Rick. Great support
system when I needed it the most
Shelly and I. Her words
this night stayed with me forever.
Thank you sister. 
The person you see today, the smile I share, the heart I open up, the silly person... that's the real me. I was held back. I had lost my voice. I lost my strength and independence. I was not myself.
So how did I get the real me to come out? It wasn't easy. It took several steps, a lot of crying and pain. There was that one day, a day I hit an all time low, shortly after my June competition, where I put my own life at risk. I began thinking about my life, the relationships I had developed, and the relationships that I had to forfeit in order to remain living in that dreaded, fearful place. Then I thought about my children. They deserved to be with their mother and access me now more than ever. Why would I put them through this unhappy situation?  That's when I had the courage to move on and move forward with my life.

Eddie and I working backstage for at the Olympia
 One of the first steps I took, before I had even developed the courage, was shift the people and the crowds I surrounded myself with. I put more energy and time in developing and fostering positive, encouraging and empowering relationships rather than spend time with people who didn't see any of the good qualities in me. I began attending events, meeting new people, and opening up to new experiences. Once a support system was created, my frame of mind and ways of thinking began shifting. I've always said that in order to succeed you need many qualities, some of which a lot of us possess. But often times we forget that we also need HELP and SUPPORT. All it really takes is that one person who supports and encourages your dreams and everything else falls into place.

So I became courageous and stopped dreaming and started doing. The things I had put on hold that I was afraid of doing for the sake of not upsetting the person I was in a relationship with were no longer a concern of mine. I set out a list of goals and decided that I would just move forward and accomplish them. I am in a place where I feel happy and fulfilled. Sure I have my moments and doubts every once in a while but I continue to move forward and look at life with cojones and courage.

Me with Cherie Hill, Leanna Velez
and Christy Pelletier at Montanari Brothers
Powerhouse Gym in New Haven, CT
On that note, I wanted to share that one of the things that emerged from my itsy bitsy courageous attitude was finally bringing to life an amazing project dedicated to the women in the industry. I noticed through my work as a makeup artist for competitors and doing contest coverage for, that we have so many stories in common! The things I've experienced and the courage I had to develop is a common theme. I wanted to create a space for us, f or you, to come and get the resources, information and discuss topics that we all share in common and interest. It's our little playground. Even though the concept has been in my brain since 2006, the experiences I've gained over the past 3 years have been by far the most defining of my new life and attitude. This was the push I needed in order to have the courage to move forward and create things - new, beautiful things!
I've embraced all of my experiences and this process has brought me a so much spiritual growth as well as many wonderful friendships.

I sure do hope you guys take the time to share and check out the new website. I would encourage you all to even write an article or a story on any of the topics available, or come visit often to see what we have to offer.
I want to say thank you to the people who have influenced my life tremendously. Some don't even know how much support and courage you've given me even if it was a simple 2 minute conversation with inspiring words.
I'd like to leave you guys with the thought of believing in yourself. Be courageous and find that one person or the people who are positive and will push you forward. Find the courage to move forward! Your life will be so much better. Trust me. BE COURAGEOUS TODAY!

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  1. You are BLESSED.... what a tremendous self discovering process you experienced...each sentence was part of a symphony of self awareness and empowerment...instead of wallowing in self loathing you rose above it all...and aloud you life to take flight and leave behind the past as a place to learn and grow from...YOU ARE BLESSED...AMANDA....from the first seconds of hearing you on the phone..I could feel your "presence" your determination to bring to life a part of you that needed to find find LIFE...
    We all have a sense of purpose..a reason why we wake up each day with a direction to be more than we were the day before,,,AND YOUR SENSE OF PURPOSE is so much more defined and clearer because of what you have come from and where you want to go...It is these moments in our life that define us..empower us ..bring us clarity when at first all we see in uncertainty.
    You are on your way, a new chapter, a new page and a new horizon awaits you you unfold into the splendid masterpiece that is YOU...that is AMANDA
    I wish you always this BLESSING that is so relevant and real in your life...that allows you to move to where you know your suppose to be.
    STAY STRONG, and STAY malleable both at the same time..and use that inner voice to always be LIGHT to shine your way!!