I Love My Body

It was only recently that I finally decided to launch some merchandise items, some with some "sexy" photos of myself and others with what I thought were little things you'd find me saying in a serious and sometimes sarcastic but humorous kind of way. Those who know me know what I'm talking about.
The ability to finally feel the confidence and motivation to move forward, expand and share [sometimes in a profitable way and others not] comes with time and experience. That and also putting a close to a chapter (eheemm...read "divorce" post) that was putting a huge stall to my functioning brain cells adds to all of what I'm developing.
Anyway, I came up with the "I Love My Body" thing for one reason: Self affirmation. Do I, myself love my body? The answer is yes, most of the time. Did I at one point? Certainly not. See, my body is not perfect. As a woman, especially after having children, we get scarred, inside and out. Our hormones are never the same. Stretch marks, bulges here and there, and the draining of energy that comes with it is nothing to be happy about. But with age and experience I've learned to connect on a more spiritual level with all that my body has done, is doing and is capable of doing if and when needed. I know I can carry a human body inside me and nourish it and bring it to life. I know I can shape my body whenever I want to by modifying my diet and my exercise routine. I can feel when I am getting sick and when something is wrong and do not need a doctor to tell me so. My spiritual connection to my body allows me to be similarly connected to my children's bodies. I can tell when there is something not quite right with them, when they are bothered, in trouble, or struggling. I know when they are sick and just what they need. It's more than mother's intuition but a deep spiritual connection that allows me to heal whatever emotional or physical pain without resorting to any kind of medicine.
I don't think I can outright say that I "hated" my body because that would have led to abusing it (drugs, alcohol, etc.) but it is safe to say that there was a point in time when I looked in the mirror and said to myself "What the hell?". I wasn't happy with my weight. I noticed that when I wasn't happy with my body I lost a huge amount of confidence and lacked self-esteem. I felt inadequate, incompetent (despite my education) and like I didn't have much to offer the world. Despite my bubbly personality, I was struggling inside. Post-partum depression is a bitch and I'm sure it added to these feelings. I can't quite recall the moment I decided to hit the gym and get my body back the way I wanted it. But when it happened, I got it back with a vengeance! Those things I couldn't control in my life all of a sudden didn't really get to me because having control of my body allowed me to have a let out, a time to breathe, my "meditation" if you wanna call it that. It was also a time when everything else in my life seemed to be out of my control and reach. My body was the only thing I could change, control, modify, etc. Learning how to control my body allowed me to love it. Not saying you need to control things in order to love them (wouldn't that be cute? lol) but I'm saying taking control of the things I own, the things that are within me and my spiritual being...those are the things I love because I can control them. You can too!
Loving my body has allowed me to give off positive energy. Even when things are crappy, I try to keep a positive outlook and quite often I succeed at accomplishing my goals. Very little gets me down because I always say to myself, "Hey, at least I got my body and no one can take it away from me".
Even if you have imperfections, an illness, a disability, your body is STILL yours and the only one you got. Take care of it and LOVE IT!
So that's the story behind the I LOVE MY BODY merchandise. I am not going to shill it on here but if you are interested in purchasing it, contact me!


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