Lastest Competition Recap and GREAT news!

A few blogs ago I posted about the difficulties I'd been dealing with thus far this year. But, none of it stopped me from getting on stage. I have been blessed with a tremendous amount of support from family members, friends, fans and more recently, sponsors! If it wasn't for all of that love and support I wouldn't have been able to accomplish half of what I wanted to this year!
So without further due and before I go on to talk about this past weekend's events, let me share some great news.
First of all, I have recently signed on to SoLatina as their Professional Fitness Expert! I am so excited and proud to be affiliated with such a great and uplifting community geared toward Single Latina Mothers. I will be updating you guys regularly about the progress there. That leads me to my most exciting news yet! I will be launching my new business - SweetCapri Fitness, Wellness and Lifestyle Consulting Services (LLC pending)!!! Yup yup. Most people would say it's about damn time. But sometimes you have got to do things when it feels right and when you feel it in your heart. For me it was both! The time is NOW! I will be writing a whole blog post about the services I will be providing but I will share that they will extend beyond assisting competitors. I am an educator at heart and it would have been a shame to throw all my hard years in the academic environment I do love so much so rest assure that whatever it is, it will involve my educational background experiences in some way or another! (Insert girlish exciting scream from joy here).
I will also be relaunching my website as it is in need of a face lift so keep an eye out on that.
Let's now move on to my exciting weekend. Although the road to competing at the NY Metropolitan this year was not a smooth process, I have to say that the last week was unlike any other I've had. I usually experience a lot of stress and typically, something unexpected goes down that throws me completely off. My goal for this show was to eliminate any possible last minute stresses. I was very meticulous about how I did things. It sure did work because that last week I felt so stress free that it almost felt as if I wasn't even going to compete. At several points I felt like I was dreaming and it wasn't really happening! Weird, uh?!
I did feel confident and comfortable, which meant that my stage presentation had improved a tad bit. I do feel that I could have been in better shape and I know I wasn't at my best...but then again, I made it! I am extremely happy with the results as I am NEVER one to complain about placings or discredit the work the judges have done.
And oh dear Lord do I need a new suit or what? I did my best at pimping up my old suit and purchased several crystals and did add them myself. It did make a huge difference but it still doesn't beat getting a suit specifically made for you. I'm working on it!
Funny thing is that when I look at the photos I took of myself from just a couple of weeks prior to the show and I look so super tiny. But then when you put me on the stage against the other competitors I look HUGE!!! @_@.
The expediting team was, as usual, flawless. They really do a great job backstage. This year I found myself in a more competitive group of women than last year, where I didn't place in the top 5. Remember that whole thing about me being too muscular? Bah! But I'm glad to report that I placed 3rd in the Figure A class! Wooohoo! I believe there were 11 or 12 competitors so I am happy with that.
Now, the kicker for me was my debut as a Master's division competitor! heard it right! I am in the "master's" division. I am officially old. LOL.
I was a little apprehensive about entering this division but it proved to be even a better addition to my experience as a competitor. The interesting thing about being in the master's division at these shows is that they are not separated by height. We are all one big class. I was also extremely impressed with the women in it! Holy crap talk about gorgeous tight bodies over the age of 35! It totally inspires me! I placed 2nd in that division and I am looking forward to continue participating in this class.
If you want to check out more photos from this past weekend, please check out my facebook page at SWEETCAPRI and "like" it. I am a nice you should like me anyway! LOL.
For any other inquiries please feel free to email me at
That's all for now!

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