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Hello to my wonderful readers and followers! I know that the last I wrote was about my life during my divorce and I contemplated on so many other things to address and follow up that it became overwhelming. Not only that, but other things developed in the one day I'd feel like addressing one issue or take my writing in one direction and then something would happen that would throw whatever I had in mind in a completely different direction. I guess that's one of the things that happen during a divorce. But in any event, I decided to wait a bit before I wrote Part II on that particular blog subject. I also wanted to somewhat protect the contents of what I am experiencing and keep some level of confidentiality.
But yes, I'm alive and kicking. The past few months have been rather interesting as I am on a mission to fulfill my dream of being a support system and inspiration to other women by starting my own organization. I have been trying to find the right path and I've had a couple of people very close to me encourage me to put some of the skills I've picked up along the way in this lifetime to use. I think it's going to be an incredible journey to be able to advocate and encourage women to make a better lifestyle and choices for themselves. I want every woman on the planet to feel strong and beautiful, on the inside and out! What I like about
the way I approach my strategies is that I use a lot of the educational foundations and theories I've learned in graduate school while studying for my Master's degree in Social Justice Education. This means taking into account race, gender roles, class, age, sexual orientation, and other different factors that affect us as individuals in our society. Doing the research, preparing documents, mission statements, vision, etc. and approaching possible sponsors is not an easy task! I will keep you guys updated on the events that are to follow this wonderful venture of mine.
So aside all the above, let's not forget that I am a mom. Oh yes, the joys of motherhood. And add to that...motherhood as a single parent. To two pre-teens. Yah. You can send prayers my way now. Thanks.

On a more serious note, ever since I left my job I've been dedicating more time to spending with both my growing children. It's ironic to find that they are still as needy, as they were when they were babies in diapers. I find myself having to monitor their every move because let's face it, the shit that's going on out there in the world and the influences those things have on our children is scary. I'm already experiencing some of those influences on my children but that's a totally different blog post.
And last but not least...guess what? Yup, I'm still finding the time to get my ass in the gym and even get ready to compete! I just want to show you guys that changing your body and getting in shape is attainable no matter what! Trust me, I'm dealing with enough crap to not make me get out of bed most days, but when I think about the feeling I get when I'm at the gym, and to see my body transform, I feel like the strongest woman on the planet! I love competing...with myself!

I am now just about 3 weeks shy from stepping on stage and let me just tell you that I've done this so many times that it feels so part of who I am. I don't get the jitters, I don't feel the all just feels so natural. Below you will see some progress photos leading up to last week. The rest will remain a super duper secret! LOL.

Keep an eye out on my next blog post where I will share my rants and raves of products I've been using up to date. Also, don't forget to "LIKE" my SweetCapri page on facebook!
Until then...much love, confidence and a kick ass self-esteem!

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