I am good at this...

Yes, I know the things I'm good at and the ones I'm not so good at. One thing I seem to do pretty well is stopping what I love to do, disappear, leave everyone hanging, and then do what I NEED to do in order to survive. I have been in and out of the loop and in the midst of enough transitions that it'd make your head spin.
Transitions in relationships, friendships, motherhood, and career have been extremely challenging. I am one that welcomes challenges but hell...this time I was ready to throw in the towel and just walk away.
But I didn't. And I won't. I have enough people in my life that continue to support me and the things I am passionate about.
So whats next and what are all these transitions about? Well, for one I had to make a very difficult decision to leave my current job and move on. I posted several months ago about how thrilled and happy I was to be working for a great department with an amazing supervisor. My position was supposed be changed into something that would be more fitting to my experience and education. Key word "supposed to". Needless to say, it never happened. I have learned over the years that I am competent enough, old enough, and damit...sassy enough to not settle for less than what I am worth!
The next thing has been the structuring my time while attending to my obligations as a single mother. It's challenging as I'm sure those of you who are single parents or who have been raised by one would know. When being in the position I am in, it's very difficult to have a structured schedule because at any given day or any moment anything might happen or I might get a call that requires I drop what I am doing and attend to one of my children immediately.
Then there is the competition piece. Nothing helps my mind and soul than having the structured lifestyle of a figure/bodybuilding competitor. It re-energizes me and helps me remain focused on all the other aspects of my life. I can elaborate more and more about this but that'd require another post.
Oh and let's not even talk about my website. I think I might have killed my last computer where I store all the web files and this will explain the lack of updates, etc.
For those of you who visit my website and have been wondering what the heck's up with me...now you know.
And that little guy in my photos is the adoptive child I wish I could afford right now. I might start an "help me adopt this yorkie" fund.
In the meantime, please let me know what I should write about...I will soon have some time to research and write more! Anything goes!!!
Stay happy everyone!

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