My Methodology for Success

 Some people are fortunate enough to feel successful or to have achieved success in their lives. Success could mean anything, from attaining immeasurable amounts of material things to simply being involved in your chosen career path in a rewarding way.
HOW to achieve success is totally up to the individual. It depends on how you define it and and then aligning that definition with the steps necessary to achieve said success.
I am no expert. I think I've said this in just about every single one of my latest blogs. But what I do have is life experience that I have chosen to share with others. If it can help you great. If not, great also.
At this moment I like to think of myself as someone whose success is "in progress". What this means to me is that I am on my way to achieving what defines success for me as an individual.
Here's what I know about success and some steps that might help you achieve this.
~ Define success - what does it mean to you? Do you define it by being super rich, driving the most luxurious of cars, wearing designer clothes, etc? Do you define it by doing things that make you happy and fulfilled? Or do you see it as a combination of wealth and/or riches with living a happy and emotionally fulfilled life?
For some people being wealth and happy are inclusive and linked to one another, whereas for others they are mutually exclusive and completely separate.
~ Envision how you want to be remembered. I saw a quote, could have been by Will Smith maybe?, that was in the lines with that statement and it sat with me ...deeply if I must say so. I decided that I wanted to leave a name and a legacy of empowering women and helping others grow emotionally. Most importantly I wanted to leave my own daughter something tangible that would always remind her of me and my existence.
~ Jot all your ideas. Every single one of them. I live with pen and paper handy and if not, the "notes" app on our iPhone can be quite handy. If something someone says, or something you see brings a thought or idea to life write it down and revisit it later on when you have time.
~ Turn your ideas into a to-do list. Most people fail to do this. It requires a different shift in the way you think. In a sense you need to become the administrative assistant of your own life and figure out how to turn those beautiful ideas into a reality. For example, if you envision the way you want your home to look like you need to follow that vision with the steps you need to take in order to build your home. And now you have your to-do list.
~ Do not be afraid to ask for help. Let's go back to that home analogy from above. From time to time, you might need to contact a plumber or an electrician or even an architect to help you build your home. Contacting those that you will need assistance from is part of your to-do list...the act of reaching out to them is part of not being afraid to ask for help. Be open to what that person might have to give you for feedback. Be a sponge. Even a "no" has a learning experience behind it.
~ Dream during the day, and sleep at night. Corny? Maybe. I daydream. I allow myself to be taken by my thoughts and visions from time to time. I find it totally acceptable. Why? Because I want to have a peaceful and restful sleep. I believe that allowing your conscience and mind to fall asleep clear of stress, anxiety or any thoughts is essential to the emotional and mental well-being of us. If I have a pressing issue or matter or even an idea that won't allow me to rest, I go to the 3rd step and jot it down to attend to it in the morning.
~ Wake up feeling thankful and see yourself successful. Repeat all the steps above. 

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